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Nun ja hier sind ein paar Sachen, die ich selbst geschrieben habe...nich kopieren, da dies eigentlich ziemlich privat ist.


I walk along an empty street
My feets get along – but I didn’t notice them
It seems like everythings gonna cool down.
I just feel the pain – the only feeling who let me feel alive.
Through I can breathe.
I’m inhaling the pain and it let me cry. I live.

Everytime I get strength to show how much I love you
- but I haven’t strength to let you go.
Life without you will be more atrocious than this sucking life.
Call it imagination or shame – I don’t care –
Every day is the fucking same.

I’m sitting in the dark – hear his breath and taste his lips-
He don’t know what’s wrong with me and hold me tight
- don’t want to let me go.

I push him back – he let me fall.
He stare on me and I can’t avoid his look.
I get hardly air and wish to suffocate.
I know he see me through – it didn’t care.
I love it to take a lie on him, because words are the only possibility
- they don’t betray me-
That’s the reason I wanna close my eyes forever.

I don’t wanna tell you what you mean to me, no more
Be every second in my head, be the reason for my tears
But rather I’m a liar.

You know I know you.
That’s why we’ll never be together.
No scar on my body was approximately painful like this sucking feeling
No day more brightly like to be on your side
I will adore the darkness.

I can feel affection to somebody – but never like I do for you
You’re everything to me – but you see just yourself
Your nothing special

Tonight you will see me from the other side
You can’t take your eyes away from me
Our lips touched them. I feel your breath on my neck
It never felt so right

I will cry in the rain and let you go
- now you feel my suffer pain
You know it wasn’t our last night
But the end from the first start of our sick story
Mistakes lead to feel afraid – but trust to fall in love



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